Open World Delegation from Ukraine – September 7-15, 2018

The FFMNTC Board voted to accept another Open World delegation in September.  The delegation is from Ukraine (5 delegates, 1 facilitator and 1 interpreter). The dates in the host community are September 7-15, 2018. Open World provides funds to support the program; FFMNTC will need to provide home hosts and leaders to plan and implement the program.

FFMNTC Updates:

  • Tom Scott has agreed to be program coordinator.
  • The Delegates from Ukraine will join us at the FFMNTC 40th Anniversary Celebration on September 9, 2018.
Here is the description of this theme:
Health Care Management and Quality Assurance Rationale: Ukraine is in the midst of undergoing significant reform of its healthcare system. One of the main goals of this reform is an efficient allocation of funds. Therefore through late 2017– early 2018 the Ministry of Health of Ukraine plans to introduce a new National Health Service, which will focus specifically on procurement. The current reforms envision a healthcare system that reforms primary, emergency, and palliative care simultaneously. The new National Health Service would be an independent body in the executive branch under the Cabinet of Ministers. The new reforms also aim to introduce medical insurance into the daily life of Ukrainians. Such a radical transformation of the healthcare system in Ukraine will benefit if healthcare managers and practitioners have an opportunity to learn from the American experience and current health care debate to see what works best for Ukraine.